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April Rio Coco Outreach

San Andres De Bocay Cocoa Planting Cooperative Update

In April the team purchased the remaining supplies for the Cocoa Co-op in San Andres (Along the Rio Coco River).

The Co-op members (approximately 20 total), are training and preparing seedlings for transplant later this year. The development of a productive and sustainable production will take approximately 3 years.

Projects such as this provide sustainable income to families and the community as a whole and provide opportunities for community members to work together for a collective goal. Historically along the river communities have had very limited and short sighted visions of their futures often challenged by the shear necessity of survival. This way of life often leads individuals and communities down paths of destructive behavior creating a vicious cycle of dependency and collapse. Community projects allow new opportunities for the villages along the river and most importantly provide an opportunity to share the message of the Gospel and the blessing of God's provision.

"Regardless of the remoteness and the ruggedness of the River, the beauty of the region is astounding as well as the tenacity of the people to create a life while having very little."

The team distributed school supplies to the community. San Andres acts as a hub along the river. There is a clinic a school and other critical services located here. The community draws villagers who live up to two hours away. Students walk rugged paths to get to school. Many of their families can not afford even basic supplies needed for their education. The team coordinated the delivery of supplies with the teachers identifying the most at risk families. Students received backpacks of supplies, a school uniform and new shoes  as well as an opportunity to learn of God's love for them.

The team was also able to distribute some shoes that had been promised to the community of Pyuh. Amazingly the team had carried this supply of shoes 3 times back and fourth along the river unable to connect with the recipients, but through God's providence and perfect timing this was the time. Upon arrival the team was met with the news that a brother in Christ had been brutally beaten before their arrival, the team was able to visit him and pray for this healing. Time and time again, opportunities are orchestrated by God, his timing, plan and provision is always perfect!


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