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Broken Places

If we are honest with ourselves images of brokenness fill our minds, broken places in our hearts that seem to reveal themselves at times when we least expect it.

These memories are the shattered rubble of our nature broken and set adrift from God's original intent for our lives. These places exist in all of us, sometimes consuming ones life tearing it apart piece by piece. As the very foundations of ourselves crack open with massive fissures leaving us bare and vulnerable hopelessness can steal the breath of life from our souls. This consuming brokenness is often seen as lives collapse due to drug and alcohol addiction. Lives shatter, hope decays, families erode, dreams splinter from the bondage of addiction. This bondage knows no economic, gender, age or language barrier, it is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives, families and communities. But in the darkest of places and times is where light shines brightest.

Christ came as the light of the world, to mend the broken, and set free those in break the bonds of sin and its consequences. The beauty of the Gospel is that the great Love of a Savior takes the broken places of our lives and heals them, redeems them and uses those places for his Glory. This brokenness becomes our story, a narrative of God's Grace and abundant Mercy in our lives.

The Beauty of the Gospel is that the great love of a Savior takes the broken places of our lives and heals them

Breaking Chains

The image above is where brokenness is being redeemed, the rubble of lives will soon be transformed by the Love of God through El Taller Del Maestro Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. The rubble of construction is being transformed into a place where bondage will be broken, lives transformed from fragmented pieces to a beautiful mosaic of hope and life in Christ. The property will house facilities for individuals to stay as they uncover the Hope found in Christ and the Healing brought on by bonds of addiction being broken. The need for this ministry is tremendous. Meeting people in the midst of their brokenness is the very nature of God, he came while we were still sinners to set us free from the sin that bound us. It is this very nature that propels this project forward. Lives will be made whole in Christ, where brokenness once consumed hearts and souls healing will emerge and lives will be forever transformed for Eternity!


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