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Coffee: Micro Business Development

Coffee harvesting has began on the Rehab Center property. About 3 years ago hundreds of coffee seedlings were planted on the property where the Rehab Center is located. Those initial plantings have grown to maturity and are producing large harvests of coffee. 

Once the coffee fruits mature and turn a brilliant red color, they are harvested and run through a hand cranked machine that separates the coffee cherry husk from the bean.  Green Coffee Beans are bagged and dried in the sun. The Cherry husks are gathered and redeposited as mulch around the coffee plants. The beans are bagged and laid out in the sun to dry over a period of time. Coffee beans are considered "green" until they are roasted. 

Coffee Cherry husks being separated from the bean

Coffee beans being processed by hand

In the last few years small coffee harvests from the property have been roasted by hand, ground, and given to family and friends for use. The larger harvests are now able to be sold. Sun dried beans are gathered into 100 lb sacks and sold for approximately 2,900 Córdobas (Approximately $100 U.S. Dollars). Considering the average rural worker makes between $1-2 dollars per day, a single sack of coffee produces revenue that can be vital to individuals and families. Revenue from coffee and other products produced from the property goes directly to supporting projects and the development of the Rehab Centers. 

As the Rehab Center begins providing services, a vital component of long term sustainability for individuals progressing through treatment is the education and acquisition of life/employment skills. Coffee production will be one of the many hands on methods that will teach business acumen, time and money management, project design and countless other skills that will be critical to the personal development of individuals, families and the larger community. 

Cattle are kept for milk. this fall (spring in Nicaragua) a number of calves have been born increasing the size of the herd. Milk is gathered on a regular bases for use and to sell. Milk and cheese production are common and useful methods to generate revenue. As God blesses the yields and expands the herds, individuals participating in Rehab Services will be able to help with production learning important skills and creating "buy in" to their treatment. The goal is to have a sustainable Center through revenue developed from micro businesses and generous donations. 

Coffee is shade grown in the shadows of plantain and banana trees. Shade grown coffee at altitude is higher quality and superior in flavor! The property is producing many important and useful food crops such as coffee, sugar cane, coca, citrus fruits, coconut, avocados, corn, milk, and eggs. A number of cattle on the property have given birth this year. Milk is used daily for cheese making. Excess milk is sold to help generate revenue allowing the property to become more self sustained.   Get the Word Out! Share links to the ministry Blog, Website and Instagram page on your social media outlets! Tell your friends about what God is doing in Nicaragua! Paste the following Links: Join The Outreaches Through Prayer Partnership!Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray that God will bless the Rehab Property with abundance. 

  • That the development of Micro Businesses and training programs will mature and be vital to the long term success of individuals, families and communities. 

  • Pray that lives will be transformed through involvement with the Rehab Center, that chains of addiction will be broken and hearts will be fully and completely given to the will of God! 

  • That the property will be heavily anointed by the Holy Spirit, protected and set apart as a place of refuge and healing. 

  • Pray that whoever would visit the property would have real encounters with God, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit and belief in Christ by which our salvation is found. 

  • That hundreds and thousands will be raised up into full time ministry, as chains are broken, lives being transformed into radical examples of the Love and Power of God. May new believers have boldness to proclaim Christ and engage the lost through a message of Grace and Redemption. 


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