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Disability Outreach Update (Aura)

Updated: May 10, 2018

FURWUS Partnership Update. In august the team was alerted by FURWUS administration about an "emergency case". Aura Maria Hernandez Perez who is a double amputee who lost funding for her rehabilitation. The Ministry stepped in and provided funding for her case. Since that time she has completed 35 days of rehabilitation and is progressing well.

Aura is 54 years old and an avid baker, who despite her disabilities, has worked hard throughout her life to provide for herself and her family. 6 years ago she lost both of her legs due to complications from thrombosis. A fellow community member in Totogalpa, Madriz had received funding and rehabilitation services through FURWUS. This connection led Aura to the organization to receive services.

Arrangements by an outside agency had been previously made to initiate the Rehabilitation process, but the initial treatment was delayed because Aura was waiting for her daughter to give birth. Because of this delay, funds were redirected to meet the needs of another individual awaiting services. Unfortunately, communication broke down between the parties and Aura and her family arrived in Managua unannounced, anticipating services, but without funding.

Follow this link to learn about the partnership between El Taller del Maestro and FURWUS. Making Dreams Come True Post.

Dr. Santiago Castellon alerted El Taller del Maestro team of the situation. He indicated he had no idea what to do. There were no funds for the fitting of the prosthetic, rehabilitation, and room and board for the 35+ days required to be onsite at the clinic in Managua. Without intervention, FURWUS would have had to turn Aura away without help, leaving her hopeless. With God's Grace and His Abundant provision, the ministry was able to financially support Aura's rehabilitation providing hope and a new life of mobility.

The rehabilitation process requires strength and mobility training. Persons with disabilities, especially those that have learned to live effectively without the use of limbs must "relearn" balance, gait and transferring methods. It can be a very difficult and challenging process.

Because of the extent of Aura's Amputations, intital mobility and balance training was conducted on "short versions" of her final prosthetics. Imagine being used to your current height and suddenly being asked to move through your day on stilts....this is the reality that Aura was faced with during her rehabilitation process.

Practicing on the full prosthetics. Each fitting is unique for each case. Technicians on site at FURWUS custom design and fit each prosthetic. The process is very time consuming and requires a great level of technical skills and compassion. This assistance  provides hope for amputees that have lived with limitations for far too many years.

Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray that God would open up further opportunities for financial support for the ministry. Partners that would establish regular support to further develop outreaches throughout the country.

  • That those suffering from disabilities would have access to the medical services and supports needed for fully engaged lives.

  • Pray for families who care for disabled persons, that they would continue to serve their loved ones with compassion and dignity. That they would themselves as caregivers have opportunities for respite and access to the support they need as well.

  • That persons with disabilities would find Hope in Christ and see themselves as wonderfully and fearfully made by a CREATER THAT DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! AMEN!


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