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Fields of Grace Funding Project

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

God's provision is unlimited and often unexpected! As the rehabilitation center in El Jicaro moves closer to opening each day, the reality of the financial cost of 24 hour care and services for 150 men and women is sometimes staggering.........but God!

In the Fall of 2018 God slowly revealed a plan for financing the cost of Rehabilitation Services. Traditional funding sources for Non Profits focus on individual donors, while this model has worked for years it is challenging to build a consistent and large enough donor base to support any sort of substantial long term project. Donations have provided less than 1% of funding sources for the Ministry throughout the years. God has been faithful using a business as missions model to provide for the increasing financial costs associated with the growing ministry.

In December 2018 this model developed further with the acquisition of 9.5+ beautiful acres in Western North Carolina (the U.S. home base for El Taller del Maestro). The nearly 10 acres of land had an existing 1600+ square foot ranch and barn on the property. The home is a three bedroom, 2 bath with a living room and family room. It has a full utility room, and a beautiful back porch.

January and February were full of long days remodeling nearly every square foot of the property. New oak floors were installed, complete interior repainting, new trim installation, complete bathroom remodel, deck installation ,new HVAC system, and countless other improvements were completed. An entire home full of furniture and decorations were purchased to complete the project.

The property was listed on Air Bnb in early March........the result has been beyond any imaginable expectation! The property has booked consistently every weekend since it first went public. God has been gracious to provide the needed resources and know how to develop a very successful vacation rental property.

During this period initial work was also started on the homes unfinished basement. The plan is to finish the downstairs unit by summer 2020. This will allow a second unit to be rented increasing the monthly revenue from the property.

"Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. - Isaiah 54:2

The Goal is to further develop the property building multiple small units (Tiny Homes 450 sq foot) that will sleep 4-6 visitors each. Western North Carolina is a beautiful and busy vacation destination throughout the year. It is a blessing to live in such a beautiful place and provides the perfect opportunity to develop a vacation rental business.

(Images of the Fields of Grace Property)

Staying at the property truly is a vacation with a purpose! Each unit will provide resources to fund a year of rehabilitation services for 15 individuals. The Fields of Grace project is a 5 year plan, once complete it will provide a sustainable source of funding for the rehabilitation center for years to come.

To visit the Air Bnb link or check availability click HERE

Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray God will continue to provide resources to develop the property

  • That each unit will rent consistently throughout the year

  • Pray that God will place a hedge of protection around the property securing His investment for the future.

  • Pray that the development stays on track and the 5 year plan is easily met

  • That God will allow this project to be a sustainable resource for the Ministry


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