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Happy Birthday El Taller del Maestro!

5 Years ago on November 9th, the ministry was formally incorporated. What began in 2012 as a seed planted deeply into the fertile soil of an obedient heart has grown into a mature and widespread ministry.

From initial small projects in the early days of the ministry, the scope of the outreaches have broadened into medical clinics, food and clothing distribution, scholarships, disability outreaches, work with at risk youth, community development, agricultural projects and the development of a regional Rehab Center. The ministries influence has spread into Africa, Romania and throughout western North Carolina supporting ministries, local church outreaches, and mission teams. 

At the center of the work is the proclamation of the Good News and the message of the Gospel. The ministry's core focus is to share the love of Jesus in tangible and meaningful ways. It's goal is to produce transformed lives, ultimately transforming entire communities  of believers who will share the generosity and power found in an authentic and personal relationship with Christ! 

The development and growth of the Ministry has been completely dependent on the Faithfulness of God. Through these last 5 years, God has shown unending favor to the ministry, providing necessary finances, divine connections, and an increasing vision for the least of the least in Nicaragua and around the world. 

This month, the ministry is completing the documentation to be registered as an International NGO. This designation will open up opportunities for the continued expansion of the outreaches in Nicaragua and world wide. 

As we pause and think of all God has done these last few years, we are humbled and honored to know that God has entrusted us with the gift of this ministry.

As the ministry comes to mind this month, share in the joy of serving those in need in Nicaragua. Spread the word about the work of El Taller del Maestro, and tell the story of God's love for His People in Nicaragua!


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