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International NGO Status!

Updated: May 1, 2018

In December 2017, El Taller del Maestro was formally incorporated as an International Non Governmental Organization (NGO)  in Nicaragua.

While the process to incorporate the Ministry in Nicaragua started 4 years ago, the answers to the setbacks were found in obedience, where you would least expect. As the Ministry was conducting outreaches along the Rio Coco, the teams heart's were touched by the need of a young girl who had her leg amputated at a young age. Eufemia had endured years of difficulty as she navigated the rugged terrain along the river on a prosthetic leg which disintegrated with use and became entirely to small as she grew

Sometimes it takes God a long time to move Suddenly!

In 2017 the Ministry was able to make connections with FURWUS, an organization that provides prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services for amputees. Plans were put in place and Eufemia was able to travel to Managua for services.

The relationship with FURWUS continued as the Ministry received training and provided funds for other individuals in need of services. As the relationship between the Ministry and FURWUS expanded, the Director of FURWUS was able to connect Dilcia with their lawyer that could assist El Taller del Maestro with the process of incorporation in Nicaragua.

God Moves

In just 1 1/2 months, what had began years before and ended without success, was accomplished! In December 2017 El Taller del Maestro was officially designated as an International NGO. Obedience opens the door to the favor of God. As our hearts move into alignment with His will, the plans God has for our lives unfold in His perfect timing!

What began as obedience to help someone in need, unfolded into connections that provided the information and expertise needed. While working on the Incorporation, It was discovered  that the Ministry could obtain International NGO status! This formalization will open doors for the ministry that would have never been accessible without it.

NGO status provides opportunities for the ministry in Nicaragua that had not been previously accessible. Tax exempt status, linkages to governmental organizations and the ability to Navigate the accounting and finances needed to fund the expanding ministry. NGO status establishes the ministry for a future that will include replication of projects throughout Nicaragua and into other regions of the world through God's continued Grace and Provision.

Then enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. (Isaiah 54:2)

As 2018 unfolds, We look ahead with hopeful anticipation as we see what God has in store for the Ministry as we provide for those in need in Nicaragua. As His hand moves and His will is made manifest, we will REJOICE AND GIVE GOD THE GLORY! AMEN!

Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray that God will continue to bless the Ministry as it expands this year.

  • That important connections will be made allowing the reach of the ministry to extend into areas previously inaccessible.

  • Pray that God will open opportunities for regular financial support by individuals, organizations and governments.


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