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Jesus and Football (Soccer)

At the heart of the Gospel is the idea of changed lives. God meets people where they are and uses passions in their lives to connect them to his heart. In October 2016 the team continued an ongoing outreach with youth from Ocotal.

80 youth were divided into football teams and began playing games and tournaments. These teams are made up of youth, many of which come from challenged backgrounds and lives impacted by violence and hardship.

The area of Ocotal where the teams are being developed has historically been a region filled with crime and significant social problems. Since the team started the outreach incidences of crime have significantly dropped in the area drawing attention from Government Officials and Social Services. An outing was scheduled for the youth on October 30 in El Jicaro. Youth gathered at the ministries property to enjoy an afternoon of celebration. The day was filled with food, worship and speakers that shared the Gospel and spoke into the lives of each young man. The ministry team presented each player with a new uniform, football shoes and footballs. The reaction from the youth was touching. Each of the team leaders expressed gratitude for the day and the gifts of the uniforms. Many of the young men mentioned that no one had ever  given them such gifts and opportunities before.

At the core of this work is the heart of God, revealing his love for each young man.

Where society and community members have given up or abandoned the youth, God reaches out in Grace with a vision for the future, one that sees the redemption and development of each young man as they are given the opportunity to step into a new life of promise and hope.


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