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Outreach & Building Update - Spring/Summer 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

An Overview of the main Buildings at the Rehab Center

In March of this year (2020), Dilcia returned from Nicaragua just a few days prior to the "global shutdown" as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While this new season has brought great uncertainty, God has remained faithful through it all!

Travel to and from Nicaragua has remained unsafe due to the continued spread of COVID19. Though we have not been able to travel, projects have continued with the support and dedication of our Nicaraguan Team Members. Team members are taking safety precautions as we continue to update them with new information from the CDC.


"To have a global vision with a focused impact is key to lasting change"



The ministry has partnered with FURWUS for the last 3 years helping to enable the organization to provide technical services to individuals who have suffered amputations as a result of accidents or health complications. So far this year the ministry has provided funds for 4 individuals, enabling them to walk with greater ease and mobility.

Often individuals endure years with poorly fitted or broken prosthetic limbs. They often "retrofit" the prosthetic attempting to use them as long as possible due to the unattainable cost of replacement. The Ministries partnership with FURWUS truly changes lives!


Nicaragua has been impacted by the pandemic associated with COVID-19. Reports of the spread of the disease continue to unfold and case counts are on the rise. Most Nicaraguan's have limited resources and often live day to day. The impact of the pandemic is adding even more stress to limited household incomes.

Pastor Martin, who has been working with the ministry for the last 5 years has continued food distribution to those in need. Because of his numerous contacts in the communities surrounding El Jicaro and Ocotal, he has been able to provide food baskets to numerous elderly and families struggling to make ends meet. The food/supply baskets are important additions to dwindling supplies and are a wonderful example of God's provision and a reminder of how much God loves everyone. Many poor Nicaraguan's feel forgotten and can be isolated because of poverty, rugged terrain and age or health related issues. Food distributions allow for God's love to be shared and act as a reminder to people that they matter........and are not forgotten!


New Fire Pit New Kitchen Interior view of Kitchen

Sometimes as we strain to move forward into what God has revealed to us we have to remind ourselves........its not our timeline but God's that defines His Vision. The Bible says:


The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps

(Proverbs 16:9)


The construction on the Rehab Center began 3 years ago. Since then we have seen a period of National Unrest (in 2018) and now a world wide pandemic (2020). Both of these situations have closed travel temporarily to Nicaragua due to safety issues, but God has shown himself faithful allowing for Construction Projects to continue during these periods nearly uninterrupted. Slowly and faithfully the Ministry has moved forward and is nearing a likely launch in early 2021 depending on the state of travel and associated health risks.

During these periods where travel was not possible, we have moved forward on the development of key internal policies, program design, curriculum development and permits required for the opening of the Rehab Center. In many ways these details were far more challenging to develop and navigate than it was to build the buildings themselves.

After approval from the regional health department the next phase of the project will be assembling key team members and employees for training. This will likely be a multi-month process on the ground in Nicaragua.

We are praying and listening for guidance from the Lord to know when it is His will for us to travel. We continue to take precautions to limit exposure to COVID-19 but realize that no matter the risks and no matter the uncertainty, when God Calls us to step out........regardless of the conditions, His will is always the perfect place to reside. We will continue to prepare and plan as we await His call to GO!


In the fall of 2019 a Missions team from The Rock Church of Asheville partnered with the Ministry to conduct outreaches. During one of the outreach days, the team did home visits distributing food baskets, Gospels of John and preaching the Gospel on the outskirts of El Jicaro. That day the team met Cristina Ramirez, an elderly widow who lived alone in a small house. Her home was literally falling down around her. When heavy rains came she would have to leave the house due to flooding and stay with a friend. Walls were crumbling, the roof leaked, wind and weather simply blew through the entire structure. She lived on dirt floors and had one simple broken down bed frame strung with ropes. She slept on rags and paper for a mattress. Her conditions were miserable yet she endured.

During the visit Cristina, her son and her nephew all Accepted Christ! That day the Ministry committed to help her repair her house. What initially began as repairs ended up with a near total re-build. The structure was simply to brittle to repair. The crew that had been building the rehab center paused construction this spring and rebuilt Cristina's house.

Demolition and Re-Construction

A New Home and a New Beginning!

Cristina was so happy with her new home, she thought it was to nice to cook in and worried that it would get covered in soot from the cooking the crew built on an attached roof for an outdoor kitchen!

Stories like Cristina's are the reason we dedicate our lives to reaching out to the lost, the lonely, and the forgotten ones. There are literally tens of thousands more people just like Cristina living throughout the mountains of Northern Nicaragua surviving with very little and starving for hope. We continue to ask God to bless our work as we continue outreaches sharing the Hope and Blessings found only in Christ.


Last year the Ministry began conducting ALPHA classes in the Ocotal area. Pastor Martin leads the sessions and has had great success presenting the material and exploring the topics in the multi week sessions. Numerous individuals have accepted Christ during these sessions. The ALPHA program has been a huge success drawing large crowds and presenting ideas many had not fully considered. Though the sessions have paused due to COVID-19 concerns, ALPHA will be a central tool of discipleship and evangelism moving into the future as well as a biblical training tool used at the Rehab Center to introduce non believers to Christ. For more information on the ALPHA program visit the following link:



One of the challenges of Missions work is that we often do not see the fruits of our labor. As we move around the country we reach out to new communities seldom having the opportunity to reconnect with individuals a second time. This last fall we were able to visit a community to teach members the concept of square foot intensive gardening. (Here is the link to the blog post: Fall Update 2019) The hope is that this technique will allow communities to eventually develop sustainable food sources for increased community food security and improved health. This spring Pastor Martin paid a visit to the garden and found a wonderful surprise.......Truly these are the fruits of our labors! When we plant the seed......the Lord provides the Harvest.


I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow

(1 Corinthians 3:6)


The gardens can be replanted using the seed saved from the previous years harvest

Fields of Grace Funding Project - North Carolina

The funding project for the expansion of the Ministry is moving forward. In June (2020) we launched the 2nd Rental Unit! As mentioned in this BLOG POST, the ministry acquired 9.5 acres of land in Western North Carolina. Plans are to develop the property and have 15+ rental units available for vacationers, wedding parties, business trips, etc. 100% of the profits are donated to the Ministry for outreaches and to provide sustainable financial resources to fund the ongoing work of the Rehabilitation Center. God has blessed us with tremendous success. We were fully booked throughout last year in our 1st unit and have been fully booked this year in both units....even in the midst of travel restrictions and the uncertainty of COVID-19. Both units are remote access and private allowing for safe stays during these uncertain times.

Fields of Grace Unit 1: (Follow This Link For More Details)


Sleeps 6, 1600+ square foot, 3 Queen Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms, Full Kitchen, 2 Living/Family Rooms, Spacious deck and yard, Fire Pit, And Much More!

Fields of Grace Unit 2 (Follow This Link For More Details)


Sleeps 6, 675 Square Feet, 2 Queen Bedrooms + 1 Queen Sleeper Sofa, Full Kitchen, Full Bathroom, Spacious decks, And Much More!

Prayer Teams Focus

  • We offer a prayer of Thanksgiving to our Lord.......You Lord are above all and over all. We trust You in the midst of uncertainty and Thank You Lord for your unending Mercy, Grace and Provision. Amen!

  • Pray that God will intervene in the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic and that lives will be spared from the disease.

  • That God will continue to provide resources for the ministry enabling the launch of the Rehab Center at the end of this year.

  • Pray that God will open flights to Nicaragua and Give us the "Green Light" to Travel again so that we can be present with the team and brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.

  • Ask that God will provide the workers needed for the Rehab Center, that He will bring God Fearing men and women of Character that have a singular desire to serve our Heavenly Father for His Glory and not their own.

  • Pray for health for ourselves and the team, energy and many years of service to the Lord Jesus!



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