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Outreach: Quebrada de Agua, Nicaragua

August Community Outreach: The mission statement of El Taller del Maestro speaks of carrying the Gospel to those in need, no matter where the team must travel, no matter how far, or how difficult. The reality of this statement is lived out each time the team leaves to conduct an outreach.

The team travels to communities (most often very remote) along rugged mountainous roads, up remote rivers only accessible by boat, and across swollen river crossings in 4X4's. There is a VERY REAL risk and difficulty associated with these outreaches, sometimes the way becomes a bit tricky!

The image above shows a team vehicle stuck during a river crossing. Water was above the bottom of the doors in the middle of the river and as the truck headed up the opposite bank, sand gave way from recent rains and the right front wheel  of the 4X4 sunk deeply into the river bank. Though the truck had four wheel drive, wheels were unable to get traction to disengage the truck from the sinking river bank. The team was stranded for a couple of hours, but conversations along the river bank soon turned towards God. Many people in Nicaragua have a very confused understanding of God relying on belief in Saints, forms of witchcraft, a focus on works and not Grace as well as tremendous condemnation.  Whenever and wherever the team gets the chance to speak of the Goodness of God they take the opportunity. The lesson for the day was this.....when life gives you "lemons" PREACH THE GOSPEL!

The sun was HOT on the edge of the river....some of the ladies fashioned "sun hats" out of leaves for shade while children swam in the cool waters of the river.

As the team was waiting for support vehicles to arrive, community members (whom the team was in route to bless with food baskets and the Gospel message) arrived with coffee and cookies that had been prepared for the  visit.

As team members serve those in need, It is always humbling to be blessed so much in return. It never ceases to amaze the team how generous the people are, showing their gratefulness by giving even when they have very little. The community members showered the team with sweetened coffee, fresh baked pastries, and tamales that had been being prepared since 2:00 AM that morning. Each community member gave something (sugar, flour, corn, etc.) These acts of kindness and blessing are not only noticed by the team members, but we are certain that God sees them and holds such sacrifice as special and dear to His heart!

A large transport truck arrived and was able to tow the team vehicle back to the other side of the river. The brake shoes and rotors were full of rocks and gravel. Later that day the truck was taken to a small roadside motorcycle mechanic who removed the wheel and brakes to clean and reassemble it before they could safely travel back to the teams base in El Jicaro. A motorcycle escort across the swift river was provided to bless Dilcia! God always takes care of His Servants!!! Whatever mode of transportation it may take,  the team will carry the Gospel to the outermost places!

Only three members of the community were Christians....the fields truly are ripe for harvest!  Team members handed out Gospel tracts and Gospels of John to each household. As the team travels through Nicaragua they continually "plant seeds", sharing the Gospel and blessing those in need with tangible acts of God's Love. The team believes that these "seeds" over time will grow into new believers evidenced by changed lives!

While at the community the team was briefed on the need for electricity. Estimates are being completed for the project cost. Wire, poles and a transformer will be required to connect with the existing electric grid across the river. Projects such as these provide tangible examples of God's goodness and reveal how much He cares for the communities throughout Nicaragua. While projects such as this are being conducted, team members have opportunities to preach the Gospel, disciple believers and develop long term relationships with the people.

Community members blessed the team with a CHICKEN.....usually you cook the chicken for dinner......but this little guy was spared his life and will live a long and happy life at the Rehab Center doing his "part" to bring the next generation of baby chicks into the world providing fresh eggs for food and for sale.

Prayer Team Focus

  • Payer for hearts that will turn towards God, forgetting the past and understanding true GRACE!

  • Pray for Salvations, changed lives and chains of bondage to be broken throughout the communities.

  • Continued resources for projects

  • Continued development of connections with community leaders and local believers to develop into Ministry partners

  • Health and economic sustainability for community members.

  • The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Country!

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