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Photo Tour: Rehab Construction Project

Construction is nearing completion on the Men's Rehab Center building in El Jicaro, Nicaragua.

Spiral Stairs built entirely by hand, designed from a photo, and sketched on a napkin in North Carolina.....come to life in Nicaragua! This project is only possible by the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the unending Goodness of God. This foundation of faithfulness and hard work will soon be instrumental in impacting hundreds of lives for Christ!

Finishing details continue as the Men's Rehab Center moves towards completion.

PVC suspended ceilings have been installed. The bright and easily maintained ceilings will last for many years and reflect sunlight throughout the interiors of the Center providing a bright atmosphere. The goal is to make a beautiful environment for the broken to heal, dream, and envision the life God has ordained.

The spiral staircase is completed providing an efficient and safe way to ascend to the second floor to access the upper level rooms.

The dorm rooms will sleep 20-25 people comfortably. The bright interiors will be painted in lively colors and detailed with scripture quotes. The vision is to surround the broken with God's promises and the Living and Powerful word of God!

Men's Rehab Center, El Jicaro Nicaragua

Women's Rehab Center Progress!

The first floor of the Women's Rehab Center is Constructed. The second floor (base) is in place. Walls will soon be going up!

A view inside the first floor looking up at the ceiling/second floor. After the second floor walls are in place a third level will be constructed to be used for worship space and classes.

Interior views of the bathrooms and showers that will be located on the two lower levels of the Women's Center.

The women's Center will have ample space outside on each level and the open third floor allowing community space and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the property and landscaping that will be subsequently completed.

Construction Continues as the second floor is being put in place

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Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray that God will continue to provide resources to finish the construction of the Rehab Centers. Estimated opening for the Men's Center is mid 2018!

  • That God will align the necessary team members providing resources and the faith to step into roles at the rehab center.

  • Pray that God will continue to provide the wisdom to plan treatment protocols, curriculums, and ongoing training and mentoring for rehab participants

  • That God will open wide the doors of opportunity for regular monthly financial support that will provide necessary resources so that treatment costs minimal to those in need.

  • Continued prayer that the vision of the Rehab Center and the Ministry will expand into the fullness that God has for the lost not only in Nicaragua but throughout the world.

  • Pray that word of the Ministry and ongoing Projects will spread through social media, presentations and the Ministry Website/Blog.


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