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Rehab Center Nicaragua

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

The Rehab Center Construction is continuing! (Original Post 3/12/18 - Update 4/30/18)

The finishing details are being completed throughout the Men's Rehab building. Plumbing fixtures are being installed and interior and exterior paint is being applied. Doors and windows will soon be installed as well as landscaping around the building providing ample outdoor space for relaxation, prayer, and community games/activities.

"Everything Begins With A Dream"

Less than two years ago the vision of the Rehab Center was simply a dream, whispered into a willing heart. Today the dream is a physical reality! As the buildings come to completion the focus will shift from construction and into program development. Join us as we continue in prayer, asking our Heavenly Father to speak into the hearts of team members who will step into leadership roles at the Center. The center will house a team of doctors, nurses, ministry leaders, counselors, pastors and support staff.

When God imparts a dream and speaks His promises, His word will go forth and not return void! God sized dreams are impossible without God, yet What God calls forth will come to pass through Faith and Obedience by His will, in His time, for His Glory!

Rehab Center Project Snapshot

  • Total Beds: Men's (50)* Women's (25)*

  • Grand Opening: (Men's Building) Fall 2018!

  • Treatment Approach: Christ Centered & Individualized

  • Curriculum: Celebrate Recovery

  • Services: Medical Detox, Job/Skills Training, Addiction & Trauma Counseling, Discipleship Training, Biblical Teaching/Training

  • Treatment Time Frame: 3-6 months

  • Estimated Cost/Person: $850-$1,600

  • Total Estimated Annual Cost: $240,000

(Note: 2019 Estimated Annual costs are for Rehabilitation Services only, these figures do not include ongoing outreaches throughout the country)

** Total beds phase 1 will be 75 (men & women combined)

Treatment Costs include 30 day medical detox, room & board, services and job training for 3-6 months or as needed per individual needs.

Men's Rehab Center Building Photo Tour

Women's Rehab Center Building Photo Tour

Partner with the ministry to provide hope to those without hope. Join us as we allow the love of God to transform lives through the rehabilitation center. Do you have a passion to change the world? Are you looking for a project to engage the calling God has on your life?

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Prayer Teams Focus

  • Pray that God will continue to open the windows of heaven wide over the ministry providing abundant resources for the development of the Rehab Centers and expansion of projects throughout Nicaragua.

  • Pray that the Rehab Center Construction Project will continue on schedule and be completed in 2018!

  • Prayer for wisdom concerning the development of the Rehab Center Curriculum and Treatment Protocols.

  • Pray that God will raise up a talented, Holy Spirit filled team to provide services at the Rehab Center.

  • Pray that the story and message of the ministry will spread allowing partnerships, resources and greater opportunities to flow.

  • Pray that hundreds and thousands of lives will be impacted by the Rehab Center providing hope and the chains of addiction and sin to be permanently broken by a true encounter with Jesus!


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