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Rio Coco Update March 2017

This last week a small ministry team traveled up the Rio Coco to San Andres De Bocay. The trip is a 7.5 hour drive from Managua and 2+ days by boat depending on water levels in the river. The team met great opposition on this trip. Illness, mechanical problems with automobiles and the boat itself and rain storms made simply getting to San Andreas a challenge. But God in the midst of such challenge is a God that moves, the team had the pleasure of ministering to the young man who helped transport them along the river, who gave his life to Christ! No matter the challenge, no matter the hardships, the purpose and the ultimate goal of the ministry is to reveal Christ by his abundant blessings and preach the Gospel to whoever will listen. Changed hearts and lives forever transformed by the Grace of God is the ultimate reward for any outreach!

 Multiple accounts of spiritual oppression were communicated to the team

throughout the region of the river extending past San Andres.  Spiritual oppression of the people along the river is very real and causes great fear and confusion. There have been some deaths attributed to this situation.   A prayer team lead by a local pastor has been assembled that will spend 15 days visiting impacted villages preaching the Gospel and praying for the people. Where there is great opposition God remains in control and His will is never delayed or blocked. Though oppression is ongoing in the region, the leaders of San Andreas devoted themselves to the vision partnering with the ministry working on a community water project, a cooperative supported organic cocoa production, and other projects that will meet needs throughout the community.

The team was given a 2 story home to use as a base of operations for future outreaches and land to build a non denominational house of prayer. The house of prayer is designed to provide a place that anyone, regardless of belief or religion can come to participate in prayer as a community, it will be a place that God can reveal himself to the people. The hope is that the people will sense the presence of God and see his Glory as His will is revealed.

As of Saturday the team reported that they were safely back in El Jicaro. Tomorrow the team is coordinating an activity with local Social Services providing food and entertainment to disabled children in the community. Wednesday the team will visit a home for the elderly, many of which have been left by their families because they were unable to care for them. Some of the elderly are quite ill receiving hospice care. God’s blessing is abundant regardless of the struggles the team may face; the need in the communities is great. Each time the team conducts an outreach, they come back with information about even more needs than they had previously known. The work is ongoing. Pray for the ministry as this New Year unfolds, that the construction of the Rehab Center will be finished and that the numerous projects unfolding this year will be met with success. 2017 continues to be a busy year full of opportunities that will be used to Glorify God and reveal Christ to the people!


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