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100% of the proceeds from sales of our products are donated to El Taller del Maestro Ministries (Jesus' Workshop - Nicaragua). El Taller del Maestro is a 501 C3 International NGO, providing vital services to individuals, families and communities throughout Nicaragua.  Community projects include Sharing the Hope of the Gospel, Food Distribution, Disability Outreaches, At Risk Youth Programs, Water & Sanitation Projects, Community Development, Medical Clinics, Sustainable Agriculture and the development of a regional Rehabilitation Center providing services and training for those impacted by homelessness, drug addiction and poverty.


About the Product:
Handmade serving set crafted from Guapinol Hardwood which grows natually througout much of Central America . The people of Nicaragua are skilled at handcrafting items for everyday use. Craftsmen use local materials and skills passed down for generations to develop products for use and for sale throught the country. 


The Set Consists of:

1 Large Serving Bowl (14 in diameter x 3 3/4in deep)

6 Small individual bowls ( 5 1/2 i n diameter x 2 in deep)

1 Set of serving utensils (13 3/8 in Length each)


Whether you are serving sald or chips, salsa and guacamole at your next gathering, you can enjoy a quality hand crafted item while at the same time supporting the needs of individuals, families and communities in Nicaragua.


Shop. Enjoy. Chnage The World.......It Really Is That Simple!

Hand Made Nicaraguan Wooden Salad Serving Set

  • El Taller del Maestro (Jesus' Workshop) - Nicaragua believes that our everyday purchases can change the world. By purchasing products "with a purpose" you can impact individuals, families, and communities around the world with the power of a single purchace. Buy Cool Stuff and Change The World At The Same Time! 


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