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The most important yet, most personally frustrating question in life is:  “What is my purpose”? It is a question asked throughout time, whose answer is fraught with difficulties and sometimes disillusionment, yet the answer is vital to our understanding of our lives and our legacies. The answer to this important question will shape the direction of your future and will result in living lives of true fulfillment. And on the contrary, the danger of not discovering our life's purpose sets us up to live lives of quiet desperation missing all that was designed uniquely for each of our lives!


The purpose of this workshop is intended to help you take time to explore and examine the life you hope to live and take tangible steps to move into a new season of fulfillment. No one but yourself can identify your life's purpose. The intent of the workshop is not to answer the question for you, but to facilitate thinking that will move you closer to living a life of purpose.


Discovering your purpose is similar to writing a novel. It takes time. You have to develop ideas and the overall structure while not always fulling knowing the path the story of your life will take. Sometimes a lot gets deposited on the page of our lives. While at other times we stare blankly at the white space, wishing for even a single word to materialize. Sometimes we have to erase entire portions. It's messy, but necessary. Other times we rip entire pages out and start again, but in the end once it is complete, we are able to look back at the rich and vibrant story of our lives and know one thing for certain.........

The Writing the Story of your Life Workshop examines the following:

  • Asking the most important question in life

  • Common Traps To Avoid

  • How To Create Momentum 

  • The Trap of “Monetizing” your dream -  Re-Thinking your Day Job

  • Innovation Thinking Vs. Brainstorming

  • Uncovering the purpose within

  • The 2 most important things to lead you confidently into your new future


"The Story we write on the pages of our life is intimately ours and astonishing unique, it is the result of who we have become in the process of living".

                                                                                                      – The Story Team


What is Stories that Change the World?

Stories that Change the World is an extension of El Taller del Maestro, a Non-Profit International NGO doing work in Nicaragua and throughout the world. The heart of what we do in Nicaragua is to Share a Story of Hope and show those in need how they can begin to rewrite their own story and shape the next chapter of their lives. 

Whether you book in person workshops or download an online worshop,

100% of the workshop Fees are used to support projects in Nicaragua. 

Visit the Ministry Home Page at www.jesusws.org  for more information.

As you work to tell your personal story, your partnership with Stories That Change The World directly impacts individuals, families and communities in Nicaragua - the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 

How The Workshop Is Organized

How it works.......

Each Story Workshop is organized in Modules. Each module is an independent topic that has the following features:


Each module begins with a introduction of the content explaining the focus of the Module and outlining its direction. 

Topical Readings and Reflections 

Throughout the module is a series of writings and reflections. While our culture is moving more and more to video as a primary communication tool, the developers at Stories That Change The World believe in the power of words......on the page (or screen in this case!) We believe in diverse tools for communication, but believe at a Stories core, it is the language we use to tell our stories that enables true connection. Words have power and are foundational to all Stories whether they are written narratives on the page or rely heavily on image/video based tools. Regardless of video tools that develop through time, our developers will faithfully hold true to the importance and power of words, for it is the words we use and the narratives we share with the world that shape our lives. 

Story Points

Interspersed between the elements within the Module you will find a series of brief Story Points that focus on a specific topic or idea. The Stories That Change The World Team has well over a decade in the development and delivery of classes both in person and online. The development team has taught at Universities, community colleges, non-academic workshops, and corporate training in highly technical environments. We understand the diverse learning styles of students and believe in engaging workshops meant to not just educate, but inspire through diverse audio/visual tools and interactive activities. 


Idea/Journal Prompts

An important part of each workshop is the opportunity for Workshop Participants to brain-storm (Dream-Storm) and think outside of the "boxes" life continually attempts to construct around our lives. Idea/Journal prompts are open-ended and designed to get ideas on paper.......there is something undeniably powerful to take crazy ideas and put them in black and white on the page before us. One of the biggest differences between those who achieve great things and those that don't, is the ability to visualize their dreams before they unfold. The process of writing things down is simple but has a profound capacity to engage action and actualize a future that was once only a dream.

Action Steps/Ques

Arguably the most important part of each Workshop Module is the Action Steps. These Action steps are intended to take what you are learning from the workshop and move them into action. Without action..... the best intentions or the most engaging material is simply just words. Words without action are empty, yet the smallest action put into motion can have an impact far beyond what you might imagine. 

Resource Links

Throughout the Module will be resource links. No one person or project has all the answers. With the expansive development of the internet, we literally have a world at our fingertips that can take what you learn within the workshop and expand it nearly indefinably. One of the most exciting things to discover online are real working models/examples of the ideas explored within each Story Workshop.

Workshop Downloads

Each Story Workshop Module Includes PDF Documents that can be downloaded. These documents can be shared with friends or co-workers to continue the conversation. Sometimes you just have to step away form the computer, find a sunny spot outside or a cozy table at your local coffee shop and let your mind wonder wildly about the possibilities of life. There are unlimited options available in life to those who are willing to step out in confidence and live a creative and vibrant life! 


"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it".

                                                                                                      – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Remember 100% of the workshop fees are donated to El Taller del Maestro providing critical services to those in need in Nicaragua and through partnerships around the world. 

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