Writing the Story of your Life - Module 3

Movement Creates Momentum 

Move it or loose it!  

One of the most difficult things most of us face in our attempt to live purposeful lives is inactivity. We often get caught in the "chicken and egg" debate......you know the one don't you? Which came first the chicken or the egg? It is a philosophical puzzle that can tie your mind into a knot. Regardless of which comes first the process is predicatively consistent. An egg hatches and in time becomes a tiny chick. The chick grows into an adult and the process continues. While we may not realize it, the same "origin" thinking often stops us in our journey to live a purposeful life. We often position things in our minds that must happen first, before we can take the next step. We say things to ourselves like, when I become more financially stable, after the kids start school, once the children are a bit older or out of the house, maybe once i get the promotion, etc. etc.....then I will take the next step.


Such thinking blocks us from forward movement into a life well lived. We spend years trying to discover our purpose, making lists, complicated spreadsheets, and conducting "research", yet fail to move a step further in the direction of our dreams. We wait to discover purpose before we take a step, eventually realizing to late that we never stepped into the full potential of our lives. The first step of anything is always the hardest. We have to rip the bandage off. Take a leap of faith. Roll the dice and risk it all. Without risk, without uncertainty, life becomes painfully numb and our adventurous hearts slowly stop beating while the rhythm of our lives begins to flat line. 

In the early 90's the Nike corporation had a simple marketing message to motivate athletes (and armchair athletes) of all stripes. The message was deceptionally simple yet profound:

                                               Just Do It.                                                                                                                                                       – Nike

The message was not think about it. It did not say, do thorough research before you take the first step, nor did it say to binge watch YouTube DIY videos for hours until your subconscious draws you into cat videos and reruns of America's Got Talent. Nike's Slogan is simple. Just do it. Nothing more and nothing less. Nike was telling the world that If you want to sail around the world in a sail boat. Just do it. If you want to write a Novel, Just do it. If you want to ride a bicycle from coast to coast, just do it. If you want to visit the far edges of the world, Just do it. Take that trip. Start that business. Learn that skill. what ever it is, Just do it (oh and buy the shoes too!)

One of the biggest hurdles to achieving greatness is the failure to start. We think about it, but don't start. We dream about it, but don't start. We beat ourselves up because we have not started, but still don't start. 

Each of us is filled full of unlimited potential, yet often our greatest challenge is to begin. When introductory physics classes explain the idea of energy, students learn of two basic types of energy. The two types are Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. Potential energy is the energy that is stored in an object. It remains in the object as long as the object is stationary and unchanged. Without some sort of external force acting on the object the reserves of energy (no matter how great) remain, unchanged, unmoved, essentially useless. But when a force is applied,  the potential within the object can be released, changing into what physicists refer to as Kinetic Energy. This type of Energy gets things done.  Kinetic Energy is the energy a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. Only when an object is acted upon, and begins to "move" does the stored energy become something that can be used.....essentially becoming something that can change the world around it. That same sort of potential is in each of us, simply waiting to be shifted and released into the world. 

A secret of successful people is the secret of movement, even if you are uncertain of the path, movement is essential. Our search for purpose can sometimes seem like driving along in the fog. It can be disorienting and often feels dangerous, but as long as you can see right in front of you, you can continue to make progress. You many not be able to see very far down the road or see the scenery around you at the time, but you can still make progress, and the beautiful thing about progress, is that it is well........Progress! The idea may be a bit redundant, but any movement is good movement no matter how small. The truth is that in the process of moving forward, even when we do not have a good road map to guide our journey, we discover things we would have never anticipated. 


Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.                                                                                                                                                      – Nick Vujicic 

The idea is simple. If you are uncertain of the next step, do something. Anything! In the process of "doing" you will find a path towards your purpose.  Discovery is impossible unless you embark into a place you have not yet traveled in life. 

Idea/Journal Prompt: Set back for a moment and consider that one thing that you would love to do. The thing that you believe could impact the world. Now.....Ignore all of the "what ifs", look past the fact that you likely have no idea how to get from point A to point B, dismisss the voices that speak into your life telling you it's imossible (your voice may be the loudest of them all). Now make a list of 5-10 things that you can do now. Not later. Not once that "thing" moves and changes in your life....not someday.....NOW.


No matter how tiny those things may seem, or how insignificant they look on paper, write them down. They don't have to make sense. They don't have to fit together perfectly. In reality they are likely just some of the puzzle pieces that will be needed to realize your future. But for now, do what you can with what you have.


Make the list and start checking it off. What may surprise you is that in the process of "doing the list" you will discover more that you can accomplish that would have never emerged without the simple first steps that you were bravely willing to take. You will likely discover that simple movement towards your goals becomes a life of its own and gathers its own momentum. Now......Just Do It! 

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Don't Despise Small Beginnings 

When we think about changing the world our minds begin to dream with grand thoughts and aspirations, few if any of us dream of small things, things that seem insignificant. If you have a dream of traveling around the world, it is sometimes very difficult to celebrate a single mile. Yet success at a global scale is only possible when the smallest and most mundane tasks of everyday life are strung together stretching to a goal. A journey no matter how long it may be is accomplished one step at a time regardless of the distance or difficulty, success is often won or lost in the tiniest of increments. 

At the age of 34 Roz Savage began to dream of a different life. The dream started with considering her death, or at least the obituary that would describe her life. As she wrote it out while ridging a commuter train from work the result was disheartening to her. As a result she made some massive life changes. She ended an 11 year marriage, quit a good paying corporate job and sold her house in suburbs to literally write a new future and ultimately the obituary at the end of her life that she would be proud of. Between the years of 2005 and 2011 Roz Savage became the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. She traveled approximately 15,000 miles totaling around 5 Million oar strokes all while living alone on a 23 foot rowboat. 

Her experience changed her life, her carrear and the trajectory of her future. It was not easy nor was it without tremendous risk, but the entire voyage was only possible one oar-stroke at a time. One tiny wooden oar dipping into the ocean, over and over again, day after day, mile by mile until Roz became a world record holder and accomplished what many thought was impossible for her. Roz summarizes the experience as:


The ocean is scary and it’s daunting and most of the time I wanted to give up. But I didn’t. And so much of success is simply not giving up. Somehow, eventually, one oar-stroke at a time, I made it to the other side.

                                                                 - Roz Savage (Management Today June 14, 2018 Article)

Consider the feat. 15,000 miles solo across the worlds largest oceans, one stroke at a time. Roz's own words ring with incredible truth. If was scary.....daunting......she wanted to give up......yet somehow.......eventually.......one oar-stroke at a time...........she made it. 

Our journey towards a life of purpose is actually very similar to Roz's journey around the world. It is daunting and often frightening and most certainly often tedious. We are faced with challenges and obsticles that are difficult to navigate many of which can "shipwreck" us before we reach our goals. Yet with time, tenacity and never giving up, we make it......somehow, we get to the other side. Roz's journey was expensive and required a team of experts to plan, build, and orchestrate the logistics of the routes. But at the core of the 15,000 mile journey was a single woman holding onto 2 oars mid ocean, completing one stroke at a time moving forward infinitesimally. Sometimes due to wind and currents Roz actually moved backwards loosing ground, yet stroke by stroke she pushed forward. 

Roz's accomplishments and more importantly her method is the perfect metaphor for how to find ones purpose. Even the most difficult journey is completed by the simplist of tasks, often repeated hundreds and thousands of times until the end is in sight. Success has less to due with plans, positioning, connections or resources and more to do with tenacity. Being willing to not stop. To keep going no matter the difficulty and no matter how small your efforts may seem to be. Success for Roz was repeating a single oar-stroke over and over though heat, storms, crashing waves, loneliness and boredom all while pushing on towards what seemed a nearly impossible goal.   

Idea/Journal Prompt: All goals, no matter how impossible they may seem are accomplished by tiny accomplishments. Take a moment to think of the life you want to live, a goal you dream of out in front of you. Now try to break down that impossible dream into a series of steps.


Now take those steps and break them down (if they are still complicated composites) into even smaller steps. Once you identify some simple actions that can be strung together, piece by piece, step by step until you see some sort of eventual outcome emerge write them down.


Pick one today to begin. Start to check off your list day by day week by week. The most important thing is to be consistent. MOVE! And by all means DON"T STOP.


If you run into a hurdle, break down the challenge into bite sized pieces and keep moving. Sometimes you have to update your list, add things, delete things, but most important......do something.......anything! Get moving and keep moving.   

Rethinking "limits"

If we are honest with ourselves we would admit from time to time thinking that life is simply just plain hard. At times we even allow ourselves to fall into a state of dispair. Yet the reality for the vast majority of us (especially in the United States), is that we have access to more resources and have on average a higher level of education than the majority of countries around the world. While we argue about living wages, the average daily income in many developing parts of the world is 1-2 dollars a day. We spend more on a Starbucks coffee in the morning than the average working male makes in 2-3 days of hard labor in many parts of the world. Though many of us consider our lives difficult, many of the obstacles we face are self imposed and certainly not debilitating. 

Now imagine your life without arms and without legs. No matter how difficult our life may seem, doing normal daily tasks with such a condition would become seemingly impossible. (Try an experiment. Try eating one meal with your non dominate hand......now imagine not having any hands, or arms or legs for that matter!). What would be your response to life with no limbs?

Nick Vujicic has faced his entire life without limbs. He was born without arms or legs. His residual limbs are mere stumps, yet astoundingly, Nick has lived a life "without limits". His story and his accomplishments are an incredible example of the potential of the human spirit and the capacity to conquer even the most impossible of barriers. The remarkable part of Nicks story is not His long list of accomplishments (though he has an impressive list which includes being an international motivational speaker, published author, founding an international Non-Profit at the age of 17, skydiving, swimming, surfing......and the list goes on), but the most astounding thing is the secret to his success and what turned his life from a season of self pity and depression into a limitless life that is impacting millions of people around the globe. What was his secret? His parents told him from the very beginning that he was "beautiful" that he had "value"! It was this message that gave him hope. He began to look at his limits from a different perspective. Instead of obstacles he saw them as opportunities. ​The difference between a life filled with barriers and living a life as Nick would put it, "without limits" is dependent on a few simple but critical things. In an online article written by  Paul Sohn entitled 4 inspiring life lessons from Nick Vujicic,the following key elements were identified by Nick as central to his success: Faith in Action, Intentional living, Thankfulness, and Partnership. 

No matter the challenges we face in life, living a life of intentional action in an environment of gratitude and partnership will propel us into opportunities beyond our wildest imagination. Our greatest limits often have less to do with our actual circumstances and more to do with self imposed limitations. Nick Vujicic is proof of that. He has achieved more in life with no arms and legs than most of us would ever dream to accomplish. He is proof that what holds us back in life is not our circumstances/resources (nor physical limitations), but in fact our incapacity to imagine our own potential.  

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Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that

the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure

to see that you had better options?

                                                                                                  - Nick Vijicic

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Idea/Journal Prompt: Take an inventory of your "cant's". List all the things you can't do. Once you make the list cross off the things that don't matter. Thats right.....the ones that simply don't matter! Often we fill our heads with all the things we can't do, many of which we would not do even if we had the chance. We often use these cant's as the countless reasons we are not enough....even when they truly don't matter to our long term goals.


Now take a look at the list. Pull out the top 3 things that you can't do (That truly do matter!).


Now start a new list with those 3. Take time to identify what it will take to start those things.....learn those things......master those things.


Now pick the most important one and take the first step towards making it a reality. It may take doing some research, taking a class, purchasing a book, or identifying someone who can mentor you. What ever it is take the step! Start doing it no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem at first......and if you you fail....keep trying....that is what Nick did until he was able to accomplish things that most of us would only dream of. If you can imagine it....you can accomplish it.....Nick Vijicic is proof of that!

Process not Product

At the Age of 48 years of age, Chuck Close ​had become a sought after photo realist painter with an international following many dream of having yet few people actually realize. His art commonly sold for millions of dollars and became widely known for painting so accurate and lifelike that even when the work was enlarged for inclusion in textbooks the paintings were nearly indistinguishable from photographs.   But in a single moment on December 7, 1988 after giving a speech at an event, everything changed. 24 hours later after suffering a stroke which resulted in a spinal artery collapse and paralysis from the neck down, Close would face many months of physical therapy with limited result leaving him dependent on a wheel chair and only able to paint with brushes strapped to his hands and wrists. The world renowned artist that once painted huge paintings in near perfect photo realistic style faced a turning point in his career. 

A devastating situation such as this would likely end most anyone's career, yet Close remained committed to his craft. Throughout the years he had often placed limitations on himself, using materials and techniques that proved difficult and what some would claim to be counter-intuitive to his painting process. At times he would use bits of paper or even his own fingerprints to "paint" canvases, turning the unlikely mediums into incredibly detailed portraits.

Since "The Event" as Close still refers to the stroke, He has committed himself to the process itself and focusing less on the outcome. This shift of focus has done little to reduce his appeal in the art world. In 2007 a self portrait in Close's  "Grid Style" sold for $2.5 Million. 


“Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” 

                                                                                                                          - Chuck Close

Limitations Allow for Transformative Tension 

Close's unique style is a result of a lifetime of exploration and experimentation. Even before his paralysis, Close would create intentional "limitations" that would push his artistic capacities as well as the medium he worked in as an artist. "Inspiration was for amateurs".....the key to Close's success and unmatched style was simply hard work. Throughout the years he logged many long hours pushing the limits of his craft and defining himself as one of the greatest living artists today. Close saw problems as important and ultimately necessary for greatness. Without a tension in the process, the result would never be the greatness he exhibited. 

"Far more interesting than problem solving is problem creation.” 

                                                                                                                 - Chuck Close

Tension is often something that most of us attempt to reduce or remove from our lives. We often spend great amounts of emotional energy and even finances to remove stress, challenges, and barriers, yet the in case of Close's greatest work, the limitations he faced (especially after his stroke) not only defined him as an artist but elevated him to greatness.


Time and again we see this dynamic at work in the lives of successful people. The tension and the barriers that we face are in reality the catalysis for our success and greater levels of creativity. The very existence of limitations creates a beauty in our lives and an important tension within the story of our lives, without it, we would end up ordinary and likely never move into the life we are destined to live.

Close was quoted once saying:

"In life you can be dealt a winning hand of cards and you can find a way to lose, and you can be dealt a losing hand and find a way to win. True in art and true in life: you pretty much make your own destiny. If you are by nature an optimistic person, which I am, that puts you in a better position to be lucky in life.” 


Circumstances are far less definitive in the lives of successful people than the mindset they use to approach the obstacles they face. Close's experience is evidence of such a philosophy. Instead of acknowledging what he lost in the wake of his health crises, Close re-examined the very process of his work itself. He embraced the limitations he encountered and allowed them to develop a unique style that would not be possible without the limitations themselves. His development and continuing success as an artist was a result of this tension not in-spite of it. Take a moment to reflect on that statement..........Without his illness, the very disability that could have not only paralyzed his body, but his future success as well, became the catalyst that made him who he is today. Without it......Chuck Close would likely not be held in the regard he garners in the arts community, and certainly would not maintain a position of inspiration as he does. 


Without sounding entirely too cliche, life is simply a matter of perspective, and maybe more importantly capitalizing on a mindset that takes limits and turns them into possibilities. Our lives and the futures we so desperately long to create are an accumulation of our experiences no matter how challenging they may be. We are a product not only of our decisions but the very process of our journey as well. The process leaves marks on our lives, indistinguishable from who we are and often shaping who we become. The "Art" of life is to embrace the journey and discovering the freedom in the active process of "becoming" who we are. 

Idea/Journal Prompt: Take a moment and identify a barrier or a limitation that you feel stands in your way. Instead of wishing it away or attempting to change it........embrace it. Explore some ways in which it can be used to move you forward or "add value" to your journey. This exercise may be difficult to do because we have deeply embedded the tendency to use our barriers in life as excuses or see them as some sort of evidence to Stop moving forward. In short, we allow our circumstances to define us. 

It may be helpful to think back to a time when you experienced a previous barrier that has sense been removed. How did this experience change you? Did you discover new ways of thinking, acting, living? Honestly evaluate who you are today and ask yourself the following question? "Could I have become who I am today without that challenge?". 

Now Apply that sort of perspective to the "Mountain" that is blocking your path today. Brainstorm how you can use it, capitalize on it and allow it to shape the path that stretches out before you. It is all in how you look at it!

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The 2nd Story Line

As the journey of our lives unfold we often realize the "goal" we once longed to achieve was only a stop in a much more complex and unimaginable future. As we begin our lives our points of reference are limited because of age, inexperience, mindsets and ways of seeing the world that limit who we can become. The arc of life that becomes the story that writes our future is complex. In actuality, it exists in two simultaneous realities, one that we see before us and a second that we come to know as our destiny. It is a process, often challenging and many times wrought with dangers and setbacks. It is what is often refereed to as the Hero's Journey.  

As you look at all great literature and blockbuster movies you will find a similar story line. The characters may look different, the scenery may change along with the names, YET THE STORY LINE IS ALWAYS THE SAME. In each story there is a Hero, a Villain (Or Conflict), a seemingly impossible obstacle to overcome and a sudden climatic resolution. This "story line" is nearly identical in all works of fiction and draws not only attention but hundreds of millions of dollars through sales of movies, books and merchandise often spawning entire marketing empires that live a life of their own. 

Why is this story line so remarkably alluring to audiences? While it may seem that technology, culture and merchandising machines may create the cultural and social buzz, the answer rests squarely on the fact that




The arc so brilliantly displayed on movie screens and throughout volumes of great literature is a direct reflection that echos our own lives. There is something inherent in the hearts of men and women that longs for a journey and adventure, to become the Hero or Hereon of the story of their lives. We all want to face the giants of our lives, outsmart the villains and overcome the obstacles that face us to win the prize, capture the kingdom or save the beauty. It is in our nature. We are wired for this story, it is deeply written into the DNA of our consciousness. 

A book by Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler entitled "The Hero's 2 Journeys" describes this process. The book reveals that the success in every great Story Line is due to its universality and the core understanding that each of us has a Hero embed within our very nature. As a screenwriter, Hauge has highly detailed steps in the development of this "Story Line" having roots in similar narratives that were documented as early as 1871 by Edward Burnett Tylor. 

At it's most basic, according to Hauge and Vogler, the Hero's Journey consists of 2 journey's that unfold simultaneously.  The first journey is one that is obvious and in many ways external to the Hero. In literature and movies this is the basic plot (organization of the work). This is the story line we see advertised in the media and portrayed in movie trailers. But as we sit down to watch the story unfold, we discover a much more dynamic and often deeper journey. This is the journey of Transformation (Internal) that the hero undergoes. The internal transformational journey is the REAL STORY, though often initially unnoticed and hidden from the audience. This second journey is the plot twist that keeps you talking after you read the book or watch the movie. It drives ticket sales, spawns sequels and resonates for years to come, sometimes becoming canonized as a classic. But Why? What makes this second journey so important, so unique? Why does this journey eclipse the original plot and become the heart of the story?

The Answer consists of 3 Things: Overcoming Obstacles, Self Discovery and Authenticity  

Overcoming Obstacles 

The Beginning of the Hero's "True" Journey (Trans-formative Journey) is the process of encountering and overcoming obstacles. Without the obstacles the journey and the resulting transformation would never have been possible. Just like most of us, even the Hero in the story is hesitant, if not down right resistant to the challenges they encounter. Often the challenges we face are a direct result of who we are at that moment and what we have not yet tapped into within ourselves. What most of us fail to realize is the greatest giant in our life that we must overcome is ourselves. The internal transformation is often the greatest battle at hand and often the one most overlooked. Until we slay the dragon of "self" we will forever be in captivity to a life that is small and without true purpose. 

Self Discovery 

At the core of the Hero's Journey is the process of Discovery. It is a result of overcoming obstacles both external to ones journey and often most importantly internal. What makes a hero a hero is the discovery of things within themselves that were hidden or mistrusted. The process of the journey itself uncovers these important aspects, revealing the "true identity" that laid dormant. These discoveries are in actuality UNCOVERING what was already present. This uncovering  is at the very heart of this Workshop. The journey to discover our purpose is most often a process of uncovering what is already present. It is often dormant, hidden and buried by the accumulation of life's challenges. If not approached properly, life can suffocate the dormant seed of our future keeping hidden our true potential. 


Authenticity in life is attractive. When we meet someone that is living what is sometimes referred to as an "Authentic Life" we are drawn to their sense of freedom, unapologetic choices and inherent vision for their future. Many who live their lives in this manner laugh at obstacles often wiping away adversity with a brush of a hand. Life for most of these individuals is no different then our own, filled with challenges, setbacks and loss, yet what sets them apart is their approach to life. A mistake that is often made is thinking that some people are simply wired for "Authenticity" more so than others. That is simply not true. Authenticity is often born out of the Hero's journey. It is a result of the process and a clear reflection of who we have become along the way. Authenticity is the "REAL US".....our true selves, refined by conflict and revealed through hardship. Authenticity is rare simply because few individuals are willing to take this journey of self discovery and transformation. It is a hard path to walk and comes often at great cost......but on the other side stretches out a life and a future few can fully imagine at the onset of their journey. 

"What we often assume in life as central, becomes secondary

as the story of our life is written through hardship” 

                                                                                                                 - The Story Team

The framework of the Hero's Journey reveals the importance of the second journey.....our inner journey. As we begin our path in life, we often see our future from an inaccurate and misguided perspective, though often never realizing it. It is in the process of the journey, through movement, through challenges and adversity that our true identity and direction begins to emerge. We discover what is most important to us in the process of discovery itself. As the accumulation of life begins to fall away along the journey, our true nature and clarity about the direction of our lives begins to unfold. 

There is no substitution for the journey itself. Direction and clarity only happen as we move forward. The greatest obstacle for most people is uncertainty. We have to push through the questions and our lack of understanding and move into the unknown. To follow a path, one does not need to know where the path leads. The only requirement is to step out confidently onto the path that lay right before us. As the turns and twists of the path unfold, a greater understanding of the destination will emerge. 

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I.....I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. 

                                                                                                                 - Robert Frost

Idea/Journal Prompt: There is no substitution in our journey of purpose for the experience of hardship. It is often a result of the challenges we face that develops the person we are to become. Pause for a moment and make a list of the obstacles and challenges you are facing right now (or ones that you have traveled through already). Identify what you learned (or are learning) in the process of encountering these challenges. Write these answers down. 

Now take the things you have learned and apply them to your next step in life. What do they reveal for the next chapter of your life? Sometimes they teach us things or even more importantly they show us vital things to avoid. How does the next chapter of your life depend on where you have been. Do you see a thread of purpose.......no matter how painful that process may be. Nothing happens by chance. Everything we encounter is important to our journey and necessary for the next season of life. The key is to identify these vital elements and translate them into action for the future. 


Applying the ideas:

One of the most important ingredients for a successful life of purpose is action. Starting is half the battle....the other half is not stopping! Success is often built on the tiniest of actions. These actions are necessary and often must be repeated over and over until our lives begin to gain the traction of time and experience. The hardest part of any journey is beginning and the next most difficult aspect is not giving up. Movement creates an inertia in our lives that can help move us through dry and difficult seasons and into new seasons of breakthrough and discovery. 


The greatest enemy of our journey is often ourselves. The critic in our minds is capable of devouring even the greatest passion. Our mindset can be either our greatest asset or our greatest limitation. As we move through our life experience we often encounter obstacles and setbacks. Often we see these barriers as "No Trespassing signs", evidence not to press on into the unknown places of our future, yet we often see evidence of the opposite in the lives of people who influence the world around them. Most often, obstacles were not only inescapable, but were essential to the process and responsible for what they were able to accomplish. It is the very tension and barriers in our lives that act as catalysts for change and development. 

The process of our lives reveals hidden potential within us as we discover the depths of who we are through adversity. Our greatest journey in life is personal transformation. This inner journey comes with a great cost, yet is the path towards an authentic life free from fear and free from the avalanche of self doubt and the accumulation of "wounds" that enslave our lives. As we become our TRUE SELVES, we uncover the latent purpose in our souls. We must be brave and trust ourselves as well as the process itself, looking for the lessons in the hardships and the purpose through the pain. Our future depends on this! 

Idea/Journal Prompt: It is easy to become consumed with our "Dream". It often seems so very far off and sometimes impossible to reach. Sometimes the very thing blocking us from our future is our self. To be able to give ourselves to the world we must first be whole, complete and free from wounds that dismantle what we attempt to create. Our brokenness comes in many forms: Our habits, personalities, wounds from the past, our own failures, guilt, self doubt......etc. Our future is dependent on who we are today and the choices we make in our present circumstances. 

The best investment in your future is the investment we make into ourselves today. If we do not change who we are right now......we will continue to fight the same battles in our tomorrow. It is said "no matter where you go......there you are!". 

Take a moment and do a self inventory. Be brutally honest with yourself. Identify the things that are in yourself that keep you from taking the next step of your life. Don't blame others and more importantly don't beat yourself up in the process. We all have issues, hangups and sloppy parts of ourselves. Some things you can change, some things you can't. 

Make a list of the "Junk" in your life that gets in the way. Own it and begin to change it. If it is wasted idle time on social media......turn it off. If it is self imposed excuses and limitations.......change the script and write a new future. Take the class. Get the quote. Quit the job. Forgive the person.  Have the painful conversation. Pay off the debt. Do it and do it now! Don't ignore it and certainly don't continue to make the excuses that keep you trapped. Much of our difficulty in life is ourselves, how we view our lives and the behaviors that result from our faulty thinking. No matter how long our list is.......you have the power and the potential to change everything! 

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      "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

                                                                                                      – Lao Tzu


Pick some or all of the following action steps. Add any of your own as well. Once you identify some actions you want to accomplish........BY ALL MEANS GO DO THEM! 


Action Step Ideas - Uncovering Your Purpose

  • Do something this week/this month without planning or worrying.....or justifying. Take a leap. Do it. (Sign up for the class or workshop, jump on that plane, buy the paint supplies, take the drive, write the first page.......etc.) 

  • Once you have started something........keep moving! Don't Stop! The greatest most impossible journeys are accomplished one day at a time, step by step. Keep up the momentum. Set time aside each day. Continue to move forward moment by moment. Keep a journal of accomplishments. Sometimes we can't see movement in our lives unless we look backwards and see just how far we have come. A journal is a tangible way to see how tiny daily movements can add up into amazing futures! 

  • Practice the Process.....Use what you have at hand. Ignore what you don't have and use what you do have. Allow the limitations you face to shape the outcome. Do not see these limitations as barriers, see them as new tools, mediums to write your future. Just as a painter explores new mediums and techniques, begin to explore your life with the tools you have been given. You are enough. You have enough. Our action is dependent on our creativity and capacity to shape your future from our present.

  • Spend time on self development. You must be able to change yourself before you can change the world. Identify 3 things you need to learn or restructure in your life. Now invest in those things. Spend time and resources growing in those areas. Take classes, read books, watch videos, meet with a mentor, journal, etc.......The greatest investment in your future is an investment in yourself today! 

  • Take time away. Change your routine. Travel somewhere by yourself and allow quietness to speak to you. Find a place that is totally different then your normal environment. Sometimes changing our environment can change our perspective and open our eyes to new possibilities hidden from our view. 

  • Try something totally new. If you are a writer.......paint. If you are a sculptor......create computer code. If you life in the city.......go to the mountains. If you build houses......bake a cake. Step outside your normal routine and comfort zone. New and dramatically diverse experiences can reveal important things. We can not only learn new skills but often learn to frame our "normal" lives differently. Often the perspective of something different invigorates what we already experience allowing us to see things with "new eyes" and from new perspectives. 

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