Writing The Story Of Your Life Workshop

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The Writing the Story of your Life Workshop explores the following:

  • Asking the most important question in life

  • Common Traps To Avoid

  • How to Build Momentum

  • The Trap of “Monetizing” your dream -  Re-Thinking your Day Job

  • Innovation Thinking Vs. Brainstorming

  • Uncovering the purpose within

  • The 2 most important things to lead you confidently into your new future

  • 24/7 Access for a Lifetime!

The Workshop includes 7 Modules plus Videos, Downloadable Worksheets, Resources and More



How The Workshop Is Organized

How it works.......

Each Story Workshop is organized in Modules with the following features:

  • Video Introductions

  • Topical Readings and Reflections  

  • Video Story Points

  • Idea/Journal Prompts

  • Action Steps/Ques 

  • Resource Links

  • Workshop Downloads

A Totally Different Online Workshop Platform


Stories that Change the World is an extension of El Taller del Maestro, a Non-Profit International NGO doing work in Nicaragua and throughout the world. The heart of what we do in Nicaragua is to Share a Story of Hope and show those in need how they can begin to rewrite their own story and shape the next chapter of their lives. 

Whether you book in person workshops or download an online worshop,

100% of the workshop fees are used to support projects in Nicaragua. 

Visit the Ministry Home Page at www.jesusws.org

As you work to tell your personal story, your partnership with Stories That Change The World directly impacts individuals, families and communities in Nicaragua - the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 





"The Story we write on the pages of our life is intimately ours and astonishing unique, it is the result of who we have become in the process of living".

                                                                                                      – The Story Team



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100% of the workshop fees are donated to El Taller del Maestro providing critical services to those in need in Nicaragua and through partnerships around the world. 

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