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July Outreach Update

Rio Coco River, Nicaragua Outreach Update

The Rio Coco River runs the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. This region is remote, rugged and challenging to access. The vast majority of the river is accessible only by boat. Road access is limited and often non-exist along most of its length.

Those that live along the river are poor, living sustenance lifestyles with no running water, electricity and limited resources. Inaccessibility, poverty and lack of education keep many in the region trapped with little or no hope for change. As you travel further along the river you will encounter indigenous Miskito communities who speak a combination of Spanish and an indigenous dialect called Mayagna. (Note: The Spanish speaking team members have to use a translator to communicate with the Miskito People) This communication barrier further isolates the people along the river, limiting economic and educational opportunities.

The team traveled to San Andres in July to check on ongoing projects in that community. Over the last year San Andres has emerged as a location with potential to be used as a base of operation for the team on the river. Community members are completing work on a house that will be used by the team on visits. The team has made important connections with leaders of the community that are helping to identify projects, provide guidance, and clarity regarding team development for projects. God has revealed understanding and awareness in situations and about certain individuals that has proven not only helpful but also has keep the team safe in situations that could have otherwise become dangerous. As amazing as it is to watch projects develop, the real beauty of the time in San Andres over this last year has been to watch God move, His hand and desire has been clear. Obedience in following God and trusting him has moved work in the community into new and amazing opportunities.

San Andres Coco Co-op Project

Coco production Continues in San Andres. The seedlings have grown into healthy young plants that are being prepared for transplant into their final locations. In two years the mature plants will be producing a crop of Coco that will provide community members an ongoing and sustainable business. In the process of creating economic self-sufficiency this project is also providing opportunities for individuals to develop team building skills, healthy group dynamics and an understanding of business development. Each visit is used by the team as an opportunity to share God's Love and disciple/mentor Co-op Members.  Team Members blessed a group of poor at risk community members with food baskets and household goods. Many of these elderly ladies are widows and have limited resources. Some of the items given in the baskets had never been used in their homes before. At the heart of the ministry is to share the love and generosity of hour Heavenly Father!

[Sensitive Population] Outreach

(Note: Due to the sensitive nature of individuals involved in this outreach the names and specific details must be withheld)

Devine opportunities are common when conducting outreaches. We often have a "plan" regarding the projects that need to be completed, but God often has other plans, unfolding unique and unexpected opportunities. The team has been ministering to a unique group of individuals over the last two trips along the Rio Coco. These visits have provided the team an opportunity to pray, share the gospel, and give Gospels of John away. Resources have also been provided for a roof over living quarters and for the rebuilding of a kitchen that will support the needs of those using it. The conditions this group has been living in have been challenging. The obedience of the team has resulted in some suprising blessings for El Taller del Maestro. This opportunity has been a clear example of God's Soverign and perfect will for the Ministry.


Youth Outreach - San Juan del Rio Coco

Youth form El Jicaro were taken to San Juan del Rio Coco for a retreat at the Assembly of God Church. Church members provided food and gave the youth extra attention. Many of the youth are often pressured by the local churches to conform to legalistic rules and condemned for wearing jeans and listening to contemporary music.

Often the youth feel very isolated and stop going to church. More and more youth are connecting with the ministry team in El Jicaro. God is revealing a great need in this population and positioning El Taller del Maestro to help. Youth are beginning to join outreaches to share Gods' love with communities throughout the region. Continued work with the youth will shape a new generation of believers for the Glory of God in turn developing them for ministry and outreaches!

Rehab Center Update

The men's Rehab Center is well on its way to completion. Most of the roof is in place, interior finishing (tiles, electric, fixtures, and water) are being completed. It is estimated that work will be completed within the next few months. Familes impacted by substance abuse in the surrounding communities are very interested in services. It seems that the question will not be if the Center will be used......but how quickly it will fill to capacity. Continue in prayer and support of this project. The ministry is believing that God will send a full time Rehab team that will minister to those bound by addiction, pointing the way to a new life in Christ!

EXCITING NEWS! Work on the women's Rehab Center has begun! Site work has been started preparing the area for the foundation. Materials have been delivered and work is moving forward! Thank you Jesus!

Prayer Teams Focus

  • Prayer for safety while traveling the Rio Coco

  • Continued success in San Andres, developing teams, contacts and community outreaches

  • Continued Favor while ministering to sensitive populations

  • The disabled, that services, resources and opportunities will unfold giving hope and opportunity.

  • Continued partnership with FURWUS NICARAGUA and increased resources so that lives can be forever changed by God's generous provision and message of Hope!

  • Continued ministry and God's revelation to the Nicaraguan people, that chains will be broken, hearts renewed and that the lost would be found through a saving relationship with JESUS!

  • That the youth may feel welcomed by the local church, that legalism would be replaced by a Gospel of Grace!

  • Continued Resources for the completion of the Rehab Center

  • A full time team to staff the Rehab Center


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