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A continued vision for the ministry is the development of micro business that will provide needed resources for individuals and their families. In August the team provided supplies, recipes and hands on instruction for making pizza. Authentic Pizza is rare in many parts of Nicaragua, of those available, they often taste nothing like the pizza we are familiar with in the States.

A wood fired oven was used to bake the pizzas. This oven is used regularly for baking cookies and other baked goods. Temperatures in the oven reach perfect levels for baking crisp seared wood fired pizzas! The results of the initial batch were better than hoped for and the reaction of the Nicaraguan team members was priceless!

MICRO BUSINESES: El Taller del Maestro Boutique A Pop-up Store in El Jicaro, Nicaragua

Team members from the United States began the process of bringing items for the establishment of a Ministry store in El Jicaro, Nicaragua. The idea of a store has been slowly taking shape for years. The initial idea was to have an online store hosted in the United States, revenue that would be generated would help fund projects......But God had different plans!

Most products sold in Nicaragua are poorly made, often "Knock Off" American Counterfeit items made in China. The products are poorly made, don't last and often cost more than the real thing. Throughout the years it has been found that certain products sell very well in Nicaragua (often name brand clothes,  bridesmaid/evening gowns, designer shoes, jewelry, perfumes/colognes, and body products).

In August team members from the United States began purchasing and transporting high demand products to Nicaragua. Taking advantage of End of Season Sales, products can be purchased for a small percentage of the original price.

Levis Jeans staged and ready for Nicaragua! Less expensive and better quality than the "Chinese Knock Offs"


$100 dollar stilettos on sale for $15. They can be resold in Nicaragua for well under the price at local stores both recouping the investment on the product and making a profit for the outreaches while providing high quality authentic American products at discount prices for Nicaragua. It is a simple model. Donors purchase new items on discount and donate them to the ministry. The team in Nicaragua resales the items and keeps the proceeds to help fund outreaches.

It is a Win....Win for both the Ministry and Local residents, plus it draws people into contact with the ministry allowing opportunities to bless, minister, and connect!

The challenge in recent years for small retailers in Nicaragua has been the high tax rate charged to "brick and mortar stores" making the establishment of a physical store a challenge economically. Fortunately......Social Media such as Facebook has become a viable outlet for advertisement and display of products [SEE NOTE BELOW]. PROBLEM SOLVED!

[NOTE: Technology such as cell phones and free wifi in public parks have created an intriguing juxtaposition between "Hi Tech" and 3rd world realities. When traveling in the country you will observe individuals and families who still cook over open fires, use horse and carts for transportation, have no running water but at the same time utilize cell phones (and social media). The widespread introduction of smart phones and cellular service  throughout large areas of Nicaragua has revolutionized communication and access to information and media providing opportunities that can be creatively utilized by the Ministry]

How It Works:

Team members in Nicaragua post photos on Facebook of products with descriptions and prices. If customers are interested, they stop by a central location and see the items in person. Resources generated from the sale are used for outreaches and ministry needs in the country. The store will be incorporated into job training and skill acquisition for members of the Rehab Center.

Prayer Teams Focus: Micro Business Development

  • Prayer for more GOD IDEAS to develop business that will allow individuals and families to reach economic sustainability.

  • The development of job training through the Rehab Center

  • That God would call out local skilled local leaders who can train and mentor residents of the Rehab Center.

  • Continued resources and Financial partners to allow the Ministry to replicate projects throughout Nicaragua and the World.


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