Rehabilitation Center

Updated: May 5, 2021

At the center of God's heart is the idea of restoration. His redemptive plan restored our broken relationship through Christ's sacrifice providing a new life full of hope and a future. This same redemptive spirit is at work in the ministry through the development of a  Rehabilitation center located in El Jicaro, Nueva Segovia.

In the Fall of 2016 building projects began on 16 acres of land owned by the ministry. 6 units of bunk houses will provide approximately 150 men and women with housing on the property. The center named Oasis del Maestro (The Master's Oasis) will provide supportive services, homeless services, medical screening, rehabilitation, spiritual counseling, education and job training for each resident. 


The vision for the center is to share the power and redemptive message of the Gospel,

while providing supportive services with a focus on long term sustainable change for individuals and families. This encounter with God is the core of what changes a persons life and will provide the long term lasting change needed to break the bonds of addiction and strongholds that devour lives and consume hope.


The rehab center will act as a prototype for future expansion and replication throughout the country enabling the message of redemption to be shared with those in desperate need of healing and hope found only in Jesus.

Construction Update!

The Men's Rehab Center is nearing completion (Fall 2019 Update)

The Men's Rehab Center is nearing completion. Construction continues on the Women's Center. God continues to provide resources and favor over the project. There is great interest in the region in services. Pray that God will continue to supply the financial need to finish the project and raise up a full time ministry team for the center!

Doors, windows and exterior landscaping are being finished. The estimated open date for the Rehab Center is Jan 1, 2020. The team/staff will be conducting initial staff training at the end of this year to be ready for the first group of residents.


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