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Rio Coco - Outreaches

When you look at a map of Nicaragua, a remote thread of water runs across the northern boarder accessible only by boat. The river is a main artery used for transportation to the villages that dot its shores.

The remoteness of this region presents many challenges for the people who live along the river, limiting access to important resources. Lack of nutrition, contaminated water, sanitation problems, and health issues plague the villages. In the spring of 2015 the ministry began outreaches along the river promoting sustainable solutions to many of these problems.

Central to this outreach is the focus of sharing the message of God's Love and the hope found in the Gospel.

These outreaches are a direct opportunity to share God's love and impact communities through changed lives. The ministry has assisted villages with water and sanitation projects, seed distribution for seasonal crops, building supplies, medical outreaches, food distribution, clothing and shoes for children and numerous other needs. Central to this outreach is the focus of sharing the message of God's Love and the hope found in the Gospel. 

Miskito - Indigenous People of the Rio Coco

This region is home to the Miskito people who speak a dialect of multiple languages. The ministry has distributed portions of scripture in their native language as well as working with translators allowing the team to preach the Gospel and tell of God's great Love for the people in their own language.

Upcoming outreaches will   continue to focus on further community development and church panting. The team assisted with the completion of a church that was dedicated In 2016 in the village of Tazalagni. While there are many challenges that must be overcome, in this region, God has shown great favor to the river outreach, allowing the teams to be met with openness and connecting them with key village leaders. Upcoming years will provide great opportunity and expansion of the Gospel among the river communities.


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