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Building A Dream

The visions and dreams that God unfolds upon your heart starts in simple ways, much like a single brick pressed firm and cemented in place. This single brick seems improbably small, but in the hands of a skilled craftsman……brick by brick……what once was a dream becomes a solid form taking shape and becoming a reality. The dream of a Rehab Center started the same way…….a dream birthed from the need that God revealed to a single heart.

This need, became a dream which now takes shape in the form of walls rising from the barren ground. These walls will not be those that imprison, but will be walls filled with redemptive power a place where those bound by addiction will find hope in Jesus!

The story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a story of redemption and restoration.   

The hope found through the Gospel will free the captives, break the chains of addiction and bring down the strongholds that brokenness has used to isolate and consume the hearts of His people.

As walls rise from a foundation of God’s favor, the Oasis del Maestro Rehabilitation Center in El Jicaro is becoming a reality. Once completed it will house 150 men and women providing critical services and an opportunity for each person to encounter the redemptive healing power of Jesus! A real and transforming encounter with Jesus is the foundation that will allow lives to be rebuilt and stand firm through faith and hope found only in the one true God!


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