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Rehabilitation Center Project Update

God is Good! His Mercies and Favor are Unending. April and May brought countless changes to the Rehab Center Project. God's continued faithfulness through financial provision and the coordination of supplies  have permitted the second floor to be built, walls are up and the roof will soon be erected. Final supplies for plumbing and interior finishing were purchased today! Completion of the project will happen this Summer. 

In March 2016 a Team from the Rock Church in Asheville NC stood on this very spot hearing of the vision for the Center. At that time nothing existed but a vision and promise of provision from God.  Prayers were offered asking God's favor and the unfolding of the project. One year later and those prayers are materializing into an incredible reality.  

The design and coordination are happening thousands of miles away, but God has provided a tremendous team in El Jicaro that execute the details flawlessly. Supplies are sourced 2+ hours away from the property and transported without incident, a feat only possible because of God's continued Favor over the project. The community and surrounding region are already inquiring about the Center.  The need is great in the area, resulting in the very likely possibility that it may fill to capacity quickly. The vision is to use this Center as a model and duplicate it throughout the country for God's Glory and the Salvation of many. Through this property and the ministry that it will provide chains of addiction will be broken and lives forever changed!


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